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Jungle Shenanigans!

Friday, 13th September 2013

Monkey Found a Baby was recently published and I LOVE it! That monkey is so cheeky and cute! The first time I read the text to my youngest son, he almost fell off the bed for laughing. The rhyming scheme is delightful, and it’s asking to be made into a song. Any takers out there?

There’s also a new pull out puzzle book for little ones, called Who Are We? You have to guess the animal from the clues in the text, then pull out the page to see if you’re right. Even older kids seem to enjoy this as the animals are a bit more obscure than your usual cat, dog, mouse etc.

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Look Out, Mole!

Monday, 27th January 2014

People often ask us why we do so many bears, rabbits and mice. The answer is simple – that’s what the publishers want! Having said that, every now and then I get to paint something different, like the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing in DANGEROUS! (I’m especially pleased with its googly-boogly eyes!). This book was a joy to work on – I hope I’ll get the chance to write about them again.

Speaking of writing, I’ve been working on a few more story ideas. You can find out more about these and the other projects we’re developing over on our Facebook page. And if you haven’t done so already, check out our preschool app, Ollie the Cat – available on IOS and Android. Just click a link in the advert below!


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