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Monday, 18th January 2016

News? Well, I’m pleased to be able to say that Bear Sees Colors has been nominated for a couple of awards in the States – the Missouri Building Block Award and the Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Award. Oh, I so hope we win! The third in this series of concept books is published later this year. I finished the art just before Christmas, so it feels like quite a fast turn around for this latest outing of Bear and his friends.

What else? I’m trying and trying to come up with another story about Mo and his Grandma from I’m Not Sleepy! I have a bit of writers’ block at the moment, so the house is full of cake because I bake when I’m trying to get into the writing zone. ‘Come on Jane, you can do it!’

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New Year, New Challenges

Monday, 18th January 2016

Unusually for me, I’ve taken on the challenge of illustrating humans in a  new picture book project with Zonderkidz. I did ask whether I could illustrate the main characters as animals, and the answer was a reassuring ‘yes’. But when it came to it, I couldn’t get the image of a human boy out of my head. So now I find myself stepping well and truly out of my comfort zone into something that I’ve been putting off for years…

There are many enjoyable aspects to this life as an illustrator, one of which is sharing our books with local school kids to get quotes for our book pages. I did just that this morning, when I read, amongst others, the latest adventure from Mole and the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing: WARNING! THIS HAT MAY CONTAIN RABBITS! (well, that’s the UK title. In the States it’s called WARNING! DO NOT TOUCH!).  I love the way a picture can spark off so many (often random) conversations. They really do act as a springboard to discuss experiences, emotions and dreams… The less enjoyable part of the experience was having to face so many snotty noses! Hats off to the teachers who were passing around the tissues like there’s no tomorrow. They must have stomachs of steel.

Talking of schools, we’re offering a free school visit to a school in Dorset to celebrate World Book Day 2016. Check out our Facebook page for more information.

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We studied illustration together at Brighton University, graduating in 1993. Since then we’ve got married, had a couple of kids, and collectively illustrated over 170 books. Now we’re celebrating 20 Years in Children’s Books – YAY!

We live in rural Dorset, UK, not far from the Jurassic Coast. Although we work separately on our own commissions, we constantly refer to each other for advice when we get stuck. For instance, Jane is definitely better at perspective and providing cake, whereas Tim knows how to work the scanner and type an invoice.

Together we are CHAPMAN AND WARNES (a bit like Batman and Robin, but with less crime fighting and no capes)!

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