22nd July 2014 by Tim Warnes

Archie the adorable rhino is back! He’s still super-cute, but this time he’s asking A LOT of questions! As a parent I’ll admit to sometimes, just sometimes, zoning out, or trying distraction techniques like Mummy and Daddy Rhino. Because quite frankly I’m not qualified to answer why men have nipples. Check out the Why? book page for some more questions I’ve been asked in the past!

Since our books get published all over the world, you might know Archie by a different name: Arthur (France), Robert (Germany), Rafi (Brazil), Todo (Spain), Aaro (Finland) – the list goes on… but to me he’ll always be Archie! And rest assured that this won’t be the last you hear from him, as I’m about to start work on the third in the series. GO, ARCHIE!

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We studied illustration together at Brighton University, graduating in 1993. Since then we've got married, had a couple of kids, and collectively illustrated over 150 books.

Although we work separately on our own commissions, we constantly refer to each other for advice when we get stuck. For instance, Jane is definitely better at perspective and providing cake, whereas Tim knows how to work the scanner and type an invoice.

We share a studio in rural Dorset, UK near the Jurassic Coast, with cows, rabbits, and badgers for neighbours.

Together we are CHAPMAN AND WARNES (a bit like Batman and Robin, but with less crime fighting and no capes)!

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