Of Mice and Elephants

17th February 2015 by Tim Warnes

It’s interesting to look back over our work from the last 20 years and see how our styles have developed. Some of our oldest titles, like I Don’t Want To Go To Bed! are still in print. I’d illustrate that in a completely different way now, but it’s still going strong!

Jane and I both write more now, too. At the moment I’m working on a follow-up to DANGEROUS! (recently nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2015); whilst this spring sees the publication of The Great Cheese Robbery, in which a gang of burglar mice  take on big, strong Daddy Elephant. But what begins as a cheese pilfering scam soon gets out of hand. Is little Patrick Elephant brave enough to save his daddy…?

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a bit about us

We studied illustration together at Brighton University, graduating in 1993. Since then we've got married, had a couple of kids, and collectively illustrated over 150 books.

Although we work separately on our own commissions, we constantly refer to each other for advice when we get stuck. For instance, Jane is definitely better at perspective and providing cake, whereas Tim knows how to work the scanner and type an invoice.

We share a studio in rural Dorset, UK near the Jurassic Coast, with cows, rabbits, and badgers for neighbours.

Together we are CHAPMAN AND WARNES (a bit like Batman and Robin, but with less crime fighting and no capes)!

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