Bear Sees Colors

21st October 2014 by Jane Chapman

Karma Wilson has written a new Bear book. Hooray! Bear Sees Colors is firmly aimed at the preschool market, so it has a different identity to the previous Bear books. I’m glad to be able to take these characters into a new direction, and I loved painting the pictures. There are some huge close-ups of […]

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22nd July 2014 by Tim Warnes

Archie the adorable rhino is back! He’s still super-cute, but this time he’s asking A LOT of questions! As a parent I’ll admit to sometimes, just sometimes, zoning out, or trying distraction techniques like Mummy and Daddy Rhino. Because quite frankly I’m not qualified to answer why men have nipples. Check out the Why? book […]

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Magic Gardens

22nd July 2014 by Jane Chapman

My most recent book, The Magical Snow Garden is about a penguin called Wellington who has seen gardens in books, and wants to make one of his own. But how can he make a garden in the snow? Fortunately he’s the sort of penguin who eats biscuits in foil wrappers, so inspired by a tin […]

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Big and Small

31st May 2014 by Jane Chapman

Another book about a bear! I find it hard to make them look different from each other, so this one is BLUE! My favourite spread is the one with toadstools  – I wasn’t sure I was going to get away with it because of all the brown, but there’s something about the way that red […]

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Look Out, Mole!

27th January 2014 by Tim Warnes

People often ask us why we do so many bears, rabbits and mice. The answer is simple – that’s what the publishers want! Having said that, every now and then I get to paint something different, like the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing in DANGEROUS! (I’m especially pleased with its googly-boogly eyes!). This book was a joy to […]

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Introducing Archie, the ADORABLE little rhino!

13th September 2013 by Tim Warnes

At last – the chance to draw something other than a bear, rabbit, mouse or mole..!! Question: How do you make a little rhino even more adorable? By putting him in a tiger suit, of course! Unfortunately, Archie begins to blot his copy book when he starts using a brand new word – NO! I […]

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