My Life in Books

2nd April 2019 by Tim Warnes

I’ve recently launched a new resource for lovers of kid lit: My Life in Books. Part memoir; part commentary; part review by an industry insider, my weekly blog is intended to give parents and carers confidence and encouragement to share their passion for literacy. Helping you create connections through kids’ books with your loved ones, […]

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Bear Can’t Sleep

27th November 2018 by Jane Chapman

Hurrah! ‘Bear Can’t Sleep’ has arrived. To quote the editor, ‘maybe my favourite one’. I heartily recommend this story, charmingly written by Karma Wilson about Bear and his friends. It is SO cosy for bedtime. Oh my, the tiny brushes I wore out on the quilts and whiskers… I heard on the grapevine that there […]

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The Big Book Adventure

4th October 2018 by Tim Warnes

I am so excited by this book, because it’s a celebration of reading for pleasure – and some classic tales!  Books can take you on some amazing adventures, and by sharing your books with your friends, you can go on even more! Which is exactly what Piggy and Foxy do in The Big Book Adventure! The […]

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Paws, please!

27th June 2018 by Jane Chapman

With Your Paw in Mine (Little Tiger Press) has recently been published in several countries – including Germany, Brazil, Slovenia, France and Finland as well as here in the UK and the US. Who doesn’t love sea otters clutching each others’ paws as they ride the waves? I am hoping that I’ll get to illustrate […]

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Dorset Art Weeks 2018 Pop-Up Gallery

21st April 2018 by Tim Warnes

We’re pleased to announce that we will be opening our home for the first time this year for Dorset Art Weeks – venue 36: Artists and Maker’s @ Hunter’s Moon. We’ll be showing illustration from our children’s books, including Bear Stays Up For Christmas, I’m Not Sleepy!, DANGEROUS!  and The Great Cheese Robbery – plus Jane’s […]

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Celebrating World Book Day!

8th March 2018 by Tim Warnes

Earlier this week I visited Milldown Primary School in Blandford, Dorset, to help them celebrate World Book Day. I’m usually asked When did you start making books? and the answer is – when I was 5 or 6! I have vivid memories of typing stories on an old typewriter (I still love the noises they […]

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a bit about us

We studied illustration together at Brighton University, graduating in 1993. Since then we've got married, had a couple of kids, and collectively illustrated over 150 books.

Although we work separately on our own commissions, we constantly refer to each other for advice when we get stuck. For instance, Jane is definitely better at perspective and providing cake, whereas Tim knows how to work the scanner and type an invoice.

We share a studio in rural Dorset, UK near the Jurassic Coast, with cows, rabbits, and badgers for neighbours.

Together we are CHAPMAN AND WARNES (a bit like Batman and Robin, but with less crime fighting and no capes)!

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