“Itʼs going to be a penguin. Or a polar bear...”
James, 4

“Penguins! I knew it!”

“Iʼd like a penguin for a pet - I could keep him outside and get loads of ice and keep him in a pool.”
James, 4

“Iʼve already got a guinea-pig.”
Charlie, 6

“I thought it was fun because we had to guess the things in it.”
Ben, 6

Who Are We?

By Alexis Barad-Cutler

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Scholastic 2013

A simple rhyming puzzle book – you have to guess the animal from clues in the text, then pull out the page to see if youʼre right. Rather than the usual farmyard fare, this introduces little ones to some less familiar animals.

This little book feels really cute, and it made a change to paint some more unusual animals. Some sophisticated five year olds LOVED the guessing game, but even they were stumped by the Arctic Foxes! My favourite has to be the long tongued giraffe.

Iʼve always wanted to feed a giraffe, and this year I got the chance to at Longleat safari park! Their tongues are SO long and licky!

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