"I was holding onto a tree and the wind was blowing me away! Iʼve climbed LOADS of trees."
Herbie, 5

"Look, a chicken! We havenʼt got a chicken. Weʼve got Jacob."
Dylan, 3

"Iʼve actually rolled down Grandadʼs hill....."
Isaac, 5

What Small Rabbit Heard

By Sheryl Webster

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Oxford University Press 2010

Small Rabbit goes for a walk with his sister, but the wind is so strong that he canʼt hear a word she says. He makes the most of it though, and does all sorts of VERY NAUGHTY things.

Iʼve been out for lots of walks with adults yelling pointlessly into the wind as the smaller people get up to mischief. Itʼs funny if youʼre not the one doing the shouting!

Small Rabbitʼs cuddly mole lives at our house. He also makes an appearance in Little Honey Bear and the Smiley Moon and Janeʼs The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm.

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Shortlisted Heart of Hawick Children’s Award 2011