"Nita, Julia and me - three friends together!"
Daisy May, 5

"My favourite book."
Griffin, 6

"Sheʼs having a happy time cos sheʼs hopping about!"
Daisy-Do, 4

"[a] soothing ode to friendship."
Kirkus Reviews

"a gorgeous, gentle tale"
A Great Read

Very Special Friends

By Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2012

Mouse, Rabbit, Frog and Turtle wait by the river for Mouseʼs special friends. There are plenty of fun things to see and do, but then the sun goes down before anyone else arrives. “Donʼt go home yet, Mouse! Theyʼll be here soon.”

I wrote this after hearing about the importance of being able to ʼscanʼ a picture for information. Children must master this skill if they are going to be able to learn to read. The book is aimed at pre-readers, and relies so heavily on the pictures that the text doesnʼt make a lot of sense without them. Youʼll need your child to help you out by sharing what they see as you read!

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