"Iʼve got this book at home! Little Mouse canʼt go to sleep because.... I donʼt know!"
Dylan, 3

"I like it when Big Mouse puts a paper clip on his nose because itʼs really funny!"
Amy, 6

"My Mummy lets me go in her bed. Big Mouse is a bit mean...."
Chloe, 6

The Very Noisy Night

By Diana Hendry

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 1999

Sometimes you canʼt sleep, and Little Mouse is having one of those nights. Itʼs a good job he has Big Mouse to sort him out.

I built a little stage set of the Mouse House before I started the drawings for this book, with a tiny tea-set from my sister, and tiny toys from the Rose kids (who are now Rose adults!). Why not have a go at making one yourself?

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