"Ah, cool! I like the happy, sleepy bees. LOADS of bees.....king bee, queen bee...... my little cousin would like this!
Ethan, 8

"How do they sleep in those honey things? Do they get stuck to it?"
Bradley, 6

"He got fatter and fatter and fatter and FATTER! BZZZZZZZZZ!"
Ben, 6

"Heʼs MASSIVE! That guy could be the king!"
Max, 5

"Heʼll probably be too fat to get in the hive!"
Amy, 6

The Very Greedy Bee

By Steve Smallman

Illustrated by Jack Tickle

Little Tiger Press 2007

This bee eats so much, that heʼs too heavy to fly back to the hive. Fortunately, some friendly insects help out, and thereʼs a big party to celebrate his return.

I love the endpapers in this book. I painted bees stacked up, asleep in their little cells. Can you spot the Very Greedy Bee?

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