"I donʼt eat leaves like him. Persons donʼt eat leaves, only dinosaurs."
Pirate Bill, 3

"Look at this one! Heʼs gonna eat ALL the creatures!"
Millie, 3

"He wonʼt eat the blue one. He wants the PINK one!"
Charlie, 3

The Very Dizzy Dinosaur

By Jack Tickle

Illustrated by Jack Tickle

Little Tiger Press 2005

Everyone loves pop-up books, and small boys in particular seem to love dinosaurs. Watch out for the Tyrannosaurusʼ snapping jaws (and the Stegosaurus poo)!

No one knows what colours dinosaurs were, so these are red, green, purple, yellow….. I didnʼt hold back on the paint. ROAARRRR!

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Winner 2005 Book Trust Early Years Award (Best Picture Book for children up to five)