"I always burp. My Daddy gets told off for burping."
Charlie, 3

"I don't burp EVER 'cos I'm a girl. Girls don't burp......but my Mummy does....."
Daisy, 4

The Slurpy Burpy Bear

By Norbert Landa

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2011

The rabbits are frightened of something they call “The Beast” who slurps and burps and makes terrible smells! Big Bear is lonely and wants to find a friend. This is the story of their two worlds colliding.

Although Big Bear and Little Rabbit have quite an unlikely friendship, Big Bear goes out of his way to be kind. I really enjoyed these illustrations, and Tim says Little Rabbit is adorable! I have a soft spot for Big Bear myself.....but I don't like burping....

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