“I have to do something like making a garden, ‘cos when I move house I’m gonna have a pet tree frog and I’m gonna have to put lots of plants in its cage.”
Hughie, 6

“He made a garden out of wrappers - but that would be hard!”
Finlay, 6

“I loved it so much that my head nearly blew off! I like stories that end happy in the end.”
Jack, 7

The Magical Snow Garden

By Tracey Corderoy

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2014

Little Wellington the penguin dreams of growing a garden. “That’s impossible!” say his friends. “Flowers can’t grow in the snow – it’s just too cold!” But Wellington is determined to create something magical…



In 1999 I illustrated The Emperor’s Egg which is all about Emperor Penguins. The pictures had to be ‘scientifically accurate’ and were checked by experts to make sure. This book is at the opposite end of the spectrum with a mass of (bonkers) animals coming to visit at the end!

I looked at 50’s prints and Scandinavian textiles as inspiration for the Wellington’s garden, but I was restricted to picture-book-zingy colours which was a shame. It would have been nice to have some of those sludgy greens and mustards in there….

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