"The owl wanted to fly, and he saw the other owls and they said ʻyou arenʼt beautifulʼ. He said ʻIʼve got good imagination storiesʼ......so he did, and then they wanted another one!"
Levi, 5

"Iʼve been there in the snow. I was throwing snowballs of it, and it went in my Dadʼs neck! I did a big one and threw it at Dad!"
Dan, 5

"I would call him ʻFluffʼ."
Ted, 5

"I would call him ʻOwly Fluffʼ!"
Isaac, 5

The Little White Owl

By Tracey Corderoy

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2010

This little owl is a great story teller who loves toast and jam. Although he doesnʼt have multicoloured feathers, he has a multicoloured imagination which makes him lots of new friends.

I made a set of soft owls to promote this at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Our local preschool has them now so they are covered in pen, mud, paint, and biscuit crumbs. They join in with all the activities apparently, and wear their scars with pride.

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