"My Dad snores REALLY LOUDLY!"
Seb, 5

"My little brother really likes this!"
Noah, 11

"DUCK IS IN GREAT DANGER!.........Weʼve had beastie-bugs under the bed. They are big things that pinch you at night."
Megan, 5

"I always hear a mouseʼs snore and when I look in the little hole thereʼs a mouse there."
Alexander, 5

“The end of the story always makes the boys giggle. It gets Deacon’s double-thumbs up!”
Sheri, mom

The Great Monster Hunt

By Norbert Landa

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2010

What is that strange noise coming from under Duckʼs bed? And who is making it?!

This is a book about Chinese Whispers, the game where one person whispers something to someone else who whispers it to the next, and to the next, and to the next... Duck tells Pig, who tells Bear, who tells Wolf, who tells Owl...and by then the animals are convinced that THEREʼS A MONSTER UNDER DUCKʼS BED!!!!

Sometimes I get up early in the morning to listen to the dawn chorus. The light is very soft and watery at that time of day, and I wanted to get that feeling into my pictures. Iʼm very pleased with these paintings........ and I LOVE the very panicky pig!

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