“A hugely fun book to read aloud in a variety of silly voices”

"a delightfully offbeat and slyly funny story."
Lancashire Evening Post

"I liked it when the mummy elephant blowed her trunk and the mice go up in the air!"
Phoebe, 4

"I loved it!"
Nancy, 6

"The daddy elephant’s funny cos he’s scared of mice!"
Olivia, 6

"A great book to share."

The Great Cheese Robbery

By Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2015

Daddy Elephant is as big and as strong as a tractor. Nothing scares him, or so little Patrick Elephant thinks. But when a mischievous mouse posing as a cheese inspector knocks at the door, Daddy Elephant starts behaving very strangely indeed…

This book was so much fun to create, although by the end of it I was beginning to question my decision to include such a large number of teeny-tiny burglar mice! They are led by the irrepressible Cornelius J Parker – a name which just popped into my head and stuck. You can tell which one he is by his suit and bowler hat.

See if you can spot his two henchmen, or rather mice, as well – Manchego, by his blue bandana, and Mascarpone by his stripy bobble hat (a nod to Where’s Wally)!

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