'A sheer delight in every way'
The Guardian

"I wouldnʼt want to live there - Iʼd be cross because Iʼd be hungry.... If my Dad was sick in MY mouth, Iʼd spit it out! Iʼd be REALLY annoyed!"
Oliver, 8

'The lively text and Jane Chapman's wonderful illustrations will enthral youngsters'
School Library Journal

"I like the World picture. [Antarctica] is supposed to be much whiter in the middle because itʼs much, much colder. Iʼve seen it on the computer."
Alexander, 5

The Emperorʼs Egg

By Martin Jenkins

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Walker Books 1999

Imagine being stuck out in the middle of a blizzard with nothing to eat and an egg on your feet. It would be AWFUL wouldnʼt it? This book tells you all about how Emperor Penguins survive.

I looked at a lot of pictures of the Antarctic before I started painting, and I was amazed to see the incredible colours of the skies reflected in the snow. This is a very colourful book…..and it has a REALLY cute chick on the cover!

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Winner - TES Junior Information Book Award
Winner - Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
Nominated - National Science Teachers' Association/
Children's Book Council Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children
Association of Booksellers for Children Children's Choices Award
Working Mother Best Books of the Year
Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Awards Program