"I always have a light on at bedtime. When I was little, when I had a light on, I had a shadow and I was scared."
Ted, 5

"When I was sleeping in my bed I saw the BIGGEST monster - big as a tent - and it looked stronger than me and it had big spikes......I thought it was going to eat me!"
Isaac, 5

"I saw a monster. It was a small one but it was a big one. It had shoes with pips on. It was purple and green and blue as well. It was scary!"
Dylan, 5

The Dark, Dark Night

By M. Christina Butler

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2008

Thereʼs a MONSTER in the pond, so Frog wonʼt jump in. Rabbit, Hedgehog and Badger go and investigate, but itʼs Dormouse (who canʼt keep up) who reveals the mystery of the big, black, shadowy thing in the reeds.

This book is set at night, so it has to be DARK. Unfortunately, the text has to sit on an area that is LIGHT or you wonʼt be able to read it. This is a very difficult problem for illustrators! I also find it very difficult to draw frogs…..but I got there in the end!

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