The Big Book Adventure

“a delightful romp through classic literature” 

“I love the gorgeous illustrations of these tales and the simple text”

“A beautiful celebration of the joys of reading”

The Big Book Adventure

By Emily Ford

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Silver Dolphin 2018

Flying over Neverland, swimming with a mermaid, joining in a mad tea party, soaring on a magic carpet—old classics come to life in the reading adventures of Piggy and Foxy!

Here’s a project about something I feel very passionate about – the joy of books, and reading for pleasure! I revisited personal old favourites – kids books that I still have on my shelves today. I loved the premise that these fantasy worlds become vivid and real in our imaginations – just watch out for the Big Bad Wolf…

Follow Piggy and Foxy’s example: gather your books and swap and share. Because books can take you anywhere!

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