"Can I make the noises? WHOOOOOO!"
Ted, 5

"It looks like a monster! I hear a monster back there!..."
Seb, 5

"Thereʼs no such things as monsters."
Levi, 5

"Gosh, whatʼs gonna happen?!"
Fletcher, 5

The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm

By Paul Bright

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2008

Poor Daddy Bear has to be brave, because he is The Daddy! He has to reassure his family that there is nothing to worry about while the wind HOWLS, but then thereʼs a knock at the door…

This story was read on Bookaboo by BERNIE CRIBBINS! He even said he liked my pictures…..ON THE TELLY! I donʼt think I need to say more than that!

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