"I think younger children would enjoy this book. I like where Bear and Rabbit live. I REALLY like the treehouse..."
Ethan, 8

"The shiny thingʼs like a mirror. Itʼs supposed to be a balloon, cos I saw some of the blowing bit where you blow."
Yelena, 6

"This book is all about friendship, and trying not to lose it."
Beth, 6

"Me and Fergus fell out one time..."
Charlie, 5

"My sister and brother fall out ALL the time!"
Beth, 6


By Norbert Landa

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2009

Bear and Rabbit are best friends. One day they find a shiny thing in the woods which they find very difficult to share. Well, even best friends fall out sometimes…

Wouldnʼt it be wonderful to be out walking in the woods and stumble upon a secret Bear- Rabbit house like this? If I was Rabbit Iʼd love to sit in the basket and ride up to the tree house!

See if you can spot Bearʼs tiny little beehives called skeps ...

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