“You could stop his hiccups by giving him a drink...”
Max, 7

“I didn’t like it - I LOVED it!”
Jack, 7

“I can really see how he’s dizzy, ‘cos he just goes into the pond, and then out, and then up a tree, and then down a tree and then we shook him up!”
Hughie, 7

re. Dizzy’s bumped nose: “He needs an icepack!”
Lily, 7

Silly Dizzy Dinosaur

By Jack Tickle

Little Tiger Press 2015

Silly Dizzy Dinosaur loves to play, so get ready to tickle, shake and shout in this fun, interactive book!

Although it’s aimed at a younger audience, even seven year olds that we’ve shared it with had fun joining in. And who can blame them - you get to interact with the juicy, red stegosaurus. He reminds me a bit of a giant, squishy strawberry!

The book ends with, Bye-bye, Dizzy. See you soon! Judging by our focus groups, it won’t be long until they ask for it again... Little dinosaur fans will love it!

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