"Iʼve got this book at home....You made the SAME book as Iʼve got at home!"
Maddie, 5

"I like this one because itʼs crunchy and soft."
Alisha, 5

"I like the feel. He made it rough, Tim did!"
Michael, 6

Say Hello To The Dinosaurs

By Ian Whybrow

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Macmillan 2009

A newly hatched baby T-Rex wanders through this book on the search for his mummy, meeting lots of colourful dinosaurs on the way!

There's a lovely bumpy, scaly finish to the dinosaurs in this book (how do they do that?!), so be prepared for scrabbling hands as you try to read!

By the way, my neighbour Hugh (age 6) has ticked me off for painting a Pteranodon rather than a Pterodactyl - so sorry about that everybody.

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