"Oh, I LOVE this book!"
Amy, 6

"I really like this book cos it's nice and fluffy and it's rhyming. We've got it in our book corner."
Lucy, 6

"Did you put the soft in this book? It feels like someone has poured a whole lot of snow all over it!"
Megan, 4

Say Hello To The Animals

By Ian Whybrow

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Macmillan 2005

A sheepdog pup wakes up early one morning, and visits all the farm animals in turn saying, “Hello!”

This is a great book to share with young children. The animals have a fuzzy, flocked finish and there's lots to talk about in the pictures, so you can make the reading experience go on for as long (or as short) a time as you like. All the regular farm animals are here, with all the regular noises. The book's big, so it feels very sumptuous!

N.B. Farms don't really look like this. In my experience, there's always bits of old machinery and junk lying around, but even though I often draw the rubbish, a designer will tell me to take it out before I get to the painting stage!

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