“It’s got fluffy - feel it!”
Felicity, 5

“I liked the really soft bits.”
Hughie, 4

“It was fun saying boo - let’s say BOOOOO!!!!!”
Arthur, 5

“Feel the frog! Has anyone felt the frog?...”
Maddie, 71/2

“It’s really bumpy.”
Hughie, 4

“It rhymes!”
Lucy, 5

Say Boo to the Animals

By Ian Whybrow

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Macmillan 2012

A fearless little rabbit goes for a walk through the forest shouting ʻBOO!ʼ to all the scary animals in its path. But which fearsome creature frightens everyone away at the end…?

This book is for very young children, so there was a lot of debate as to how scary the animals should be (which have a fuzzy, flocked finish by the way). Donʼt worry though - thereʼs no chance of it leading to nightmares, just a lot of shouting "BOO!"

I remember having a great time listening to Jamiroquai whilst painting the tiger spread - the rabbit even looks like itʼs dancing

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