"Cheeky but charming, Archie will win the hearts of all readers."


By Tracey Corderoy

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2016

Archie found waiting a little bit hard. Each day was full of exciting things. And when did he want them…? NOW! 

One of the things I enjoy about the Archie series is thinking up new outfits for the characters. In this story the Rhino family are getting ready to go on vacation. So, whilst on my own holiday in Cornwall, I kept an eye out for what people were wearing at the beach. Archie is always easy – stripy tops (plenty of them about)! Massive, floppy straw hat going by… that’ll do for Mummy. But what about Daddy Rhino, who normally looks quite smart with his shirt tucked in. What would he wear to relax? Then a chap strolled past wearing a boater and open Hawaiian shirt. BINGO!

I’ll be working on the next Archie story later this year. And they’ll be wearing CHRISTMAS jumpers…

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