“He doesnʼt want to go home - he likes it at the beach with no trousers on!”
Charlie, 6

“You know to shout it cos itʼs got really big letters and an exclamation mark.”
Ben, 6

“Beautifully observed toddler behaviour, nicely and humorously written with delicious illustrations to die for.”

"Cheeky but charming, Archie will win the hearts of all readers."


By Tracey Corderoy

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2013

Archie the rhino was adorable. Everybody said so. Until one day he learned a new word… “NO!”

You can watch author Tracey Corderoy reading this book over on my Fun Stuff page.

I managed to persuade the publisher to let me change the main parent in this story from Archieʼs mum to his to dad (whoʼs based on me) because weʼre well into the noughties now, and frankly dads need a bit more airplay! Anyway, I dedicated it to some great hands-on dads I know who see their fair share of tiny tantrums!

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Longlisted - UKLA Book Award 2015
Shortlisted - Nottingham Children's Book Award 2014