“funny and cute”
Changing Hands Bookstore, AZ

“I’ve got a really big cuddly teddy and he’s called Big Bear.”
Zachary, 5

"They call him Snuggles! Probably cos he’s so soft! Look - they’re all hugging him!"
Nell, 6

"I liked it when the bunnies were huggling him!" [sic]
Oscar, 5

"He goes in the swamp to get dirty so he won’t get any cuddles; the bear will get cuddles instead."
Harry, 6

"Ooh! Ooh! A frog’s going to hug him.."
Finlay, 7

No More Cuddles!

By Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2015

Everyone likes a hug. But Barry the Bigfoot is so soft and fluffy that he’s constantly smothered in cuddles! “I just want to be alone,” he sighs. But that’s easier said than done…

We’ve all been on the receiving end of an untimely cuddle, but imagine if you were so soft and fluffy that you could never get away from being stroked and snuggled and fuzzed and fluffed. That’s what life is like for Barry, a Bigfoot in a forest full of hug-hungry bunnies who are oblivious to Barry’s irritation at being squeezed AGAIN.

It was thrilling to draw and paint a Big Foot for a change. I had to fight to keep him though. The Sales Team aren’t sure how the bookshops will respond to a book about a sasquatch!

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