'a gallery of laugh-a-minute illustrations from the magical brush of Tim Warnes.'
Lancashire Evening Post

"MORE glitter! I love glitter."
Nell, 6

"He's dressed as a turtle - a Ninja Turtle!"
Harry, 6

"One person's dressed up as Rastamouse. I have that on my tv."
Joe, 6

"I loved it!"
Keiran, 5

"I double love it!"
Nina, 7


By Tracey Corderoy

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2015

Archie has discovered a new word: MORE!  MORE scoops of ice cream! MORE glitter! MORE bedtime stories! MORE ketchup! Oh my! How will his family ever survive this one?!

I love this series of books about Archie the irrepressible rhino. In this story Archie is invited to a fancy dress party and makes the most amazing costume EVER! It was fun working out the other animals’ costumes – look out for Rastamouse, Michelangelo (the Ninja Turtle, not the artist), and a teeny-tiny Where’s Wally! Little did the author, Tracey Corderoy, realise that I actually knew a kid who made a Thunderbird 3 costume out of old cardboard boxes!

My favourite illustration shows an exhausted looking Daddy Rhino surrounded by a pile of books, with Archie asking for one more. I’ve been known (on far too many occasions) to fall asleep whilst reading bedtime stories which results in someone small shouting, “Wake up, Daddy!”, followed by my being reprimanded with a gentle slap… Poor Daddy Rhino! (And yes, there is a fair bit of flagrant self-promotion going on in this picture!)

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