"He said, "ABRUDABRA-ABRACADOO!" and disappeared the frog.... but look, the frog's hiding behind her back!"
Anna, 5

"Amazing! That would be SO cool!"
Thomas, 5

"Itʼs SO lovely."
Ellie-Marie, 5

"Magic isnʼt existing really."
Toby, 6

"My cousinʼs got a dog called Monty."
Daisy-Do, 4

"My baby brother doesnʼt copy me cos he canʼt. He just chews things."
Daisy-May, 5

Monty and Milli – The Totally Amazing Magic Trick

By Tracey Corderoy

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2012

Monty Mouse loves his little sister, but he needs a bit of space sometimes! When he gets a magic set, he tries out some tricks….but then Milli disappears!

When I was much, MUCH younger, I wanted to be a magician; so my Grandma made me a top hat and a magicianʼs cape to wear. I wasnʼt very good at magic, but I really loved the hat!

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