“Itʼs really rhymey - squashed banana beneath the banyan tree!
Lauren, 6

“Turn over the page!”
Sam, 5

“Uh-oh. I can see trouble ahead...”
David, 45

Levi, 6

“Itʼs funny when he bited the lionʼs nose and pulled his tail!"
Toby, 5

“Infinity out of 10 (itʼs the highest number)!”
Sam, 5

Monkey Found a Baby

By Jeanne Willis

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Walker Books 2013

When Monkey finds a baby, an itsy bitsy baby, thatʼs when the trouble starts. Join the jungle fun in this rollicking rhyme thatʼs perfect for sharing with little monkeys everywhere!

I read this book to a bunch of sophisticated 5 year olds last week who gave it ‘infinity out of ten’. (They weren’t so generous about other books I shared with them that day!) It builds tension with a beautiful rhyming scheme, and is laugh out loud funny because nobody sees the joke coming.

I’ve illustrated some fantastic stories over the years, but this one is certainly one of the best. The palette is very limited because I wanted the book to look hot. The first few pictures I painted were too green and lush, so I ended up pairing everything back to shades of hazy yellow. I LOVE this book!

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