"My favourites are the tortoises because they have nice patterns on their shells."
Matthew, 5

"Look at the babies! Parrots, caterpillars, toucans, elephants......"
Zac, 6

".....And a froggy! And tigers! I like tigers. And a mouse! ...."
Tilly, 6

Mommy Mine

By Tim Warnes

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Harper Collins 2005

Sparse text, simple pictures! This book was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. Tim and I thought of all the animals we never get to paint (we usually have to do bears, rabbits and mice), and we put a lot of them in here.

This book doesnʼt have a story, it just celebrates different kinds of Mums. There are lots of things going on in the pictures for very young children to find and add to the reading experience.

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