"I LIKE the glitter! Itʼs so sparkly and nice! But you canʼt walk to the moon because itʼs up in space."
Tilly, 6

"Weʼve had moonjuice at school- itʼs YUMMY!"
Tilly, 6

"Itʼs a bit scary if you donʼt have your Mum ʻcos I was lost once in a shop in London."
Elizabeth, 8

"inviting illustrations gracefully illuminate the bewitching quality of a moonlit night"
Kirkus Review

Little Honey Bear and the Smiley Moon

By Gillian Lobel

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2006

The Smiley Moon is so beautiful, that Little Honey Bear and his friends just have to meet her and say hello. But they soon get lost in the forest! How will they find their way back to Mummy Bear?

Thereʼs a glittery finish to this book, so the snow really does sparkle. Iʼve been for moonlit strolls through the snowy countryside, and I highly recommend it – everything looks so magical! I really enjoyed painting these landscapes and capturing some of that mystery.

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