“Can he bite my finger?... I want him to bite my fingers!”
Arthur, 5

Re. chimpanzee: “That’s RUDE!!!”
Max, 6

“I’m allergic to snakes."
Max, 6

Jolly Jungle

By Jack Tickle

Caterpillar Books 2013

Another great pop-up book created with paper engineer Martin Taylor, featuring a pouncing lion, stamping elephant and snapping crocodile!

There's usually a year between me delivering finished art to a publisher, and the publisher delivering a finished book to me, so by the time it pops through the letter box, I've often forgotten all about it. Jolly Jungle was a lovely surprise when it arrived yesterday. It felt like the sun came out because the colours are so warm around the 3D animals. Check out the snake - she pops right out of the book!

Includes previously published material.

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