"That bear caught a mackerel. I know fish because I have a book. I KNOW."
Tyler, 6

"Heʼs giving out Easter eggs!"
Ben, 6

"I LOVE toasting marshmallows. I donʼt like the pink ones - theyʼre GROSS! Once they melted on my lap."
Finley, 6

"I like this book because we can sing with it."
Adelaide, 5

Jesus Loves Me!

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Simon and Schuster 2006

This book is based on the traditional gospel song, with pictures of a Bear family enjoying Godʼs blessing on their lives.

I thought about my own family when I came up with the pictures for this book. The hens are our hens; we bake gingerbread; weʼve had fun days out boulder hopping - and Papa Bear is wearing my hat!

Whenever I listen to Bluegrass music, I think of Papa Bear on his fiddle and wish I could play too.

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