"I got Peppa Pig socks!"
Isabella, 6

"I saw the real Santa at a garden centre. People pulled his beard and it didnʼt come off."
Bradley, 6

"I hang up Mummyʼs stripy sock."
Daisy, 4

"Iʼve seen Santa THREE times! In the hall, at Rainbows, downstairs..."
Amy, 6

I’ve Seen Santa!

By David Bedford

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2005

Itʼs Christmas Eve, and Little Bear is looking forward to seeing Santa. But everybody knows Santa wonʼt come if youʼre still awake! Wait a minute – whatʼs that noise downstairs,….?!

I love this story! Daddy Bear is as excitable as Little Bear, and the story ends with a big snuggle under Little Bearʼs blanket. Itʼs a good job everybody falls asleep, before the special Christmas visitor arrives!

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