"A perfect story for the run up to the 25th..."
North Somerset Teachers' Book Award

"Silly Archie!"
Brodie, 5

"How do you make drawings like that?!"
Lucy, 5


Tracey Corderoy

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2017

It’s Christmas in the Rhino house, and Archie is SO EXCITED! He’s full of ideas to make this the most Christmassy Christmas EVER… Uh-oh – look out!

We love celebrating Christmas in our house. The tree stays up as long as its needles stay on – the end of January once! Traditions include party games (like making snowmen out of decorated marshmallows), a ginger bread house and Christmas morning socks filled with gifts from You Know Who…

It was great fun to revisit Archie and his long-suffering family, But despite all the Christmas trimmings – Christmas jumpers; special Christmas biscuits; the start that never stops flashing; an elf costume – it just doesn’t feel Christmassy enough! What Archie’s longing for is some snow…

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