“On Christmas I run up and down the hallway from my bedroom, and shout really loudly, ʻITʼS CHRISTMAS! ITʼS CHRISTMAS!ʼ”
Alice, 6

“Big Bearʼs getting grumpy cos he wants to just do all the jobs first.”
Felicity, 6

“That Christmas tree is massive - it canʼt even fit on the page!”
Arthur, 7

"full of joyful exuberance, warmth and love"
The Scotsman

“Some of the wrappers are undone already - oh, thereʼs some honey there! Bears like honey.”
Lewis, 5

Is It Christmas Yet?

By Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press 2013

Christmas is coming, and Ted is so excited heʼs just about ready to pop! “Is it Christmas yet?” he asks Big Bear. “IS IT CHRISTMAS YET?!” Poor Ted – will it EVER be Christmas?

This is a light hearted look at the struggle some of us have in keeping the spirit of Christmas alive when all around is chaos, and thereʼs still so much to do – presents to wrap, a cake to bake, the perfect tree to find, not to mention glitter explosions!…. Big Bear is like me – trying to relax and stay calm – but finding it harder and harder as the big day approaches!

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