"My Mum bought this. Itʼs good."
Chloe, 6

"Iʼd choose this one for my sister. Sheʼs 4."
Jack, 8

"This book is mostly for children ʻcos itʼs animals talking. ʻI donʼt want to go to bedʼ is what little children NEVER want to do!"
Jacob, 8

"A modern classic."
Junior Magazine

I Donʼt Want To Go To Bed!

By Julie Sykes

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 1996

Little Tiger runs off into the jungle at bedtime, determined to stay up all night. But he soon finds out that he doesnʼt like the dark, and he wants to get home to his mummy.

After SIXTEEN years of being in print, this was given a fresh new overhaul by my mate Paul, Creative Director at Little Tiger Press. He spent ages layering elements from the original artwork in Photoshop to create a funky collage effect, and I love it! This was a big hit for me when it first came out. In fact, the publishers were so pleased that they named their company after the main character, Little Tiger!

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Winner - Dutch Libraries’ Kiekeboekprijs 1997
Winner - Nottinghamshire Children’s Book Award 1997
Finalist - Benjamin Franklin Awards 1997