“I love that book! I love bears. I love not grizzly bears - I love nice bears!"
Felicity, 5

“I love honey on my porridge.”
Max, 6

“The rabbits are putting mud on their faces to be camouflaged!”
Phoebe, 6

“Like the army.”
Danny, 6

“But look! PRICKLES! What do you think will happen to Mole..?”
Verity, 3

“The twins make me read it every evening before bed and have made their own 'Big scary bear' game which they play in the garden! : ) So cute.”
Lucy, mum

"The delightful surprise ending is sure to bring smiles – along with the words 'read it again!'"
Park Ridge Public Library, IL

Hands Off My Honey!

By Jane Chapman

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2013

Bear has a great, big jar of delicious honey, and he’s NOT in the mood to share! Will Mouse and her team get a pawful without that scary bear seeing them?

Jane wrote this story, but I wanted to illustrate it so badly that she gave in to my pleading and let me - now apparently I owe her...! It’s inspired by those simple childhood games where a willing adult (for Jane her Grandad) would pretend to be really grumpy and then CHASE YOU (cue hysterical squealing)!!!

I especially like the Rabbit Brothers, who never say a thing, and use mud to camouflage themselves from Bear.

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