'adorable and tender... a unique twist on the classic manger tale'
Church Source

"It's good to read because it's about Jesus, and Jesus helps us."
Nancy, 6

"I like the page where all the animals are running around and he’s crying so much that the hay’s going everywhere!"
Amelia, 7

"I liked it because there was a little baby goat and that little baby goat looks like my sister’s little baby goat, Billy. He looks exactly like it."
Lauren, 5

"Probably nearly when its at christmas that book will be in the book corner.."
Amelia, 7

"The Holy Family is refreshingly portrayed with authentic ethnic coloring. And the characters exude a joy that pulls the reader into the jubilant stable and makes them want to join the festivities."

Goodnight, Manger

By Laura Sassi

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Zonderkidz 2015

Mama, Papa and all the animals are trying to lull Baby Jesus to sleep. But what with angels singing, three kings bearing gifts, and the arrival of some shepherds with their sheep, it’s just too noisy – and then there’s the itchy hay! Cuddle up as they all work together to bring peace to the stable…

Goodnight, Manger is a new take on the Nativity by a fantastic new writer, Laura Sassi. I think the pictures ended up taking me about a year to complete. It was complicated to fit in all the different characters, and to get their relative sizes right. Added to that, painting skin is much harder than painting fur. When it came to painting Baby Jesus, I almost had a melt down. I just couldn’t get him right. I kept making him look too old, or too big – or too ugly! I hope he looks cute now. Phew!

The story takes us through the night of Jesus’ birth from the view of the poor parent who is trying to get the baby to go to sleep. I know, I know – the wise men didn’t appear until much later in the Biblical account, but they are welcome in this book, arriving soon after the jolly shepherds, sheep, foxes, goats and LOUD angels. Mary comes up with an ingenious solution to the ensuing chaos, and finally Jesus gets his nap.

If you enjoyed Goodnight, Manger, don’t forget to take a look at the companion book, Goodnight, Ark.

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