“His mum’s putting him to bed. And he has a teddy bear. I have a pink nunicorn that I got when we went to the seaside for the day and his name is called Tessie.”
Bethany, 4

“I have a wind up bunny called Wabbity. It plays a song and I fall asleep. It’s a lie-a-bye song.”
Isla, 4

“There’s two birds and some chickies!”
Mia, 4

“Where is God?”
Alfie, 3

“D’you know what keeps an eye of us? Santa’s robins!”
Archie, 4

"This adorable sheep family makes this book a hit!"
Valerie, Plenty of Picnics blog

God Is Watching Over You

By P.J Lyons

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Zonderkidz 2016

‘Your day was long and full of fun,

Now you’re tired. Day is done.

Every night and each day too,

God is watching over you.’

In this is sweet, gentle book we join a family of sheep on their evening walk home from the park and the little lamb’s subsequent bedtime routine – bath, stories, prayers and kisses goodnight. Painting the evening sunset was a bit of a challenge, but I really enjoyed painting their wool, trying to make it look all soft and nubby!

I often try and slip in the ‘Jane and Tim’ birds that represent us on this website into my illustrations. Here they take centre stage (although we seem to have gained a child!).

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