"Really funny - ten hundred funnies!"
Lauren, 5

'A fantastic underwater adventure, peppered with fun little rhymes and interesting pages for little hands to turn.'
The Guardian

"'Fish On A Dish' - it rhymes!"
Olivia, 6

"I think the seaweed's really cool because its got little holes in, so when it’s on that side you can see all the fish on there, and when it's on the other side you can see the penguins."
Jack, 7

"Some penguins can eat really really big fishes. I know a really big fish. Its called a barracuda!"
Nell, 6

'Tickle's chief attraction is what the book’s cover promises to be, "peekaboo fun": flaps and holes in pages that reveal multiple surprises.'
Kirkus Reviews

"I see him! I see him! There he is!"
Nell, 6

"They were rhyming penguins!"
Harry, 6

Fish on a Dish!

By Jack Tickle

Little Tiger Press 2015

One little fish… Some very peckish penguins… Whatever will happen next? An exciting book for preschoolers with peep through holes, shaped pages, and a MASSIVE surprise gatefold spread!

Fish on a Dish! was an idea that came out of nowhere. I was flicking through a Japanese book about sushi and dressing up parties, when the idea struck – who knows why. Originally this story was about a tiny shrimp, cleverly evading the clutches of the dastardly penguins… but the shrimp became a fish following lots of discussion with publishers. Barry (editor at LTP) did a great job with the text, making sure that the limited words build the tension and keep things moving fast as befits a book about a chase.

I’ve never counted how many fish there are. Maybe someone could let me know?

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