"I like Dinosaur Roar because there is a pterodactyl and I like noisy books. The pictures are really good!"
Harry, 5

"I like the tyrannosaurus because itʼs the scariest!"
Isaac, 5

"Can I press the button?"
Levi, 5

"Can I press this out?"
Dan, 3

"I havenʼt pressed it yet! Danielʼs pressed it LOADS...."
Isaac, 5

Dinosaur Roar

By Jack Tickle

Illustrated by Jack Tickle

Caterpillar Books 2011

This is a chunky board book with a noisy ROAR button to press each time you turn the page….or as often as you like!

I showed it to my one-year-old nephew last week, and he LOVED it. He canʼt be interviewed for a comment unfortunately because he can only say ʻyesʼ and ʻDaddaʼ…..

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