“I like this because there’s cute little babies. I don’t like that one though. It’s tongue was a bit too slobbery. Actually I’m quite scared of that.”
Verity, 3

re. pterodactyls: “They’re flapping their wings. How do they do that?”
Maddie, 7

“Cool, but not scary!”
Lucy, 5

“I saw a big pterodactyl at the Dinosaur Museum. It was plastic. I was scared of that a little bit, because I think it moved. I think it was alive!”
Verity, 3

“They’ve made a love heart! They love each other!”
Danny, 6

“He forgot to clean his teeth - they’re all brown and dirty!”
Amelia, 4

Daring Dinos

By Jack Tickle

Caterpillar Books 2013

Daring Dinos is a very crunchy book! The card is crisp and sturdy, great for pretending to bite interested fingers with a tiger-striped T-rex!

Baby iguanadons pop out of eggs, pterodactyls flap their wings, ankylosaurus swings her tail…. let me assure you that preschoolers LOVE this book.


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