"a charming lesson in the perils of judging a book by its cover"
Rebecca Davies, The Independent

“It’s just a naughty crocodile!”
Hughie, 6

“Lumpy, bumpy, splodgy, knobbly, mossy, slimy, green, question mark... Guess what - I’m at stage 10 in reading,”
Alice, 6

Felicity, 6

Green Bean Books, Oregon

“The only trouble about being a mole is you don’t know where your tunnel will end up - you might come up in a cow pat!”
Ted, 6

"great story... a beautiful demonstration of nouns and adjectives in play."


By Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2014

Mole loves labeling things. One day he finds something unusual in the woods –  a strange lumpy-bumpy thing with snippy-snappy teeth! Look out, Mole!

You can see some of the development art over on our Facebook page! Find out about their next adventure in WARNING! This Book May Contain Rabbits!

It was so much fun creating this book, especially the googly-eyed Lumpy-Bumpy Thing, who became more and more goofy! Coming up with plenty of suitable adjectives to describe it was possibly the trickiest part – when I got stuck I enlisted the help of my boys, who came up with the words pine-coney and mossy.

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Nominated - Kate Greenaway Medal 2015
Finalist - Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2016
Shortlisted - Oscar's First Book Prize 2015
Longlisted - North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards 2015
Shortlisted - IBW Book Award 2016