"Oh, I LOVE this book! Itʼs really funny!"
Levi, 5

"The snakes are cool!"
Harry, 5

"Is it a rattlesnake?"
Levi, 5

"It could be an adder........Iʼve got a tub of pretend rattlesnakes."
Lilli, 5

"I think 2-4 year olds would like this book."
Fay, 8

"A beautiful picture book"

Daddy Hug

By Tim Warnes

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Harper Collins 2008

A simple text that celebrates different sorts of Dads.

This book is aimed at very young children, and it can be read very quickly (always good for when bedtime needs a SHORT story!), or very slowly with plenty of time given over to discussing the pictures. There are some of the more obscure animals, as well as old favourites. My nephews have some of this artwork up in their bedrooms Iʼm proud to say.

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Shortlisted - Booktrust Early Years Award (Best Book for Babies) 2008