“The text literally dances along so that littlies can join in”
The Children's Book Council of Australia

"Oh, they are so adorable!"
Olivia, 6

"We did the conga once in assembly."
Maisy, 7

"Koala, hedgehog, kamaroo, ostrich..."
Georgia, 4

"it makes me laugh cos they all fell over."
Lucy, 3

"There’s a fishy in the water!"
Lucy, 3

Conga Dance

By Amanda Tarlau

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Koala Books 2015

Join the line, the conga line, Just tap your toes and you’ll be fine!

Great for introducing kids to some unusual Australian animals who dance through the story until they fall in a tangled heap at the end!

It’s not everyday I’m invited to paint Australian animals. They’re all here – emu, wallaby, echidna, wombat, cockatoo, possum, koala – even a goanna (but no platypus, unfortunately). I hadn’t realised how big wombats were until I started my research. I knew they were cute, but they’re MASSIVE too!

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