"This is cool like a comic."
Fletcher, 5

"Youʼve made a word mistake. See? ʻFabliousʼ!"
Toby, 6

"Cheese needs hot pants to warm himself up, not ice creams!!"
Ruby, 5

"Cheese is good at being a character because he says funny things. Chalk is a very nice name for a dog because most dogs are white."
Daniel, 6

Chalk & Cheese

By Tim Warnes

Simon and Schuster 2008

Chalk (a New York dog) and Cheese (an English country mouse) spend the day together in The Big Apple

This is one of my favourites! I love New York City, where the story is set, and I especially love Cheese who's based on my son, Noah, and the funny things he says and does. So it's sort of based on real life (and like Cheese, I was in NY once when it started to snow - it was brilliant!). You can see more of Chalk and Cheese in my online comic strip. Please take a look!

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