"ʻAWOOOOOOOOO!ʼ My dog does that too.....and he does THAT [ re. making ʻa tiny puddleʼ ] AND sometimes my dog poos in the house......!"
Michael, 6

"Iʼve got my Snuggles to go to sleep."
Will, 3

"I can sleep in the dark - I can even see in the dark."
Nancy, 5

"Iʼve got a torch."
Pirate Bill, 3

Canʼt You Sleep, Dotty?

By Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press 2001

Dotty canʼt sleep in her new home. Various visitors try to help, but the real problem is that sheʼs lonely. Awoooooooooo!

I wrote this when there was a new baby in the house, so nobody was getting a lot of sleep.

Years ago I had a new puppy who had a clock in his bed, wrapped up in a blanket so that he wouldnʼt miss the heartbeats of his brothers and sisters. We gave him a cuddly toy too, but he chewed that to bits.

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